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Welcome to my blog.  I decided to create this blog to journal my adventures as I develop my Garden Paradise. I started my garden project in mid June.  My family believes I am obsessed and they do not share my passion for gardening. Therefore, they are tired of hearing about my mishaps and successes.  For the sanity of my family, I am going to post the stories that evolve as I continue to perfect my little backyard oasis!  ( Don't take that the wrong way! My family appreciates all my hard work and plans to enjoy the beauty it will bring to our yard!  They just don't care to hear every little detail it entails!)
Maybe, someone with the same passion for gardening, will stumble across my blog and find enjoyment in my stories of trial and error as well as my successes!
I'm happy you found my sight!  Explore all my pages and if you would like to be updated as I post new stories just sign up to follow me by Email!  Watch my garden grow from weeds to a beautiful sanctuary!
Mary Ann

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